New York Releases Guidelines For High School Proms, Similar Celebrations

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ALBANY – As things slowly get back to normal many high schoolers are probably thinking about prom, and they are not the only ones.

New York State released guidelines for those looking to participate in a prom or balls this week.

If things go as planned, schools across the state could resume the celebrations starting June 1, with some limitations.

According to the latest guidance, social distancing will be key with event organizers ensuring that attendees are not congregating, except when seated at their assigned table.

Attendees will be able to remove their face coverings only to consume food and beverages while seated.

Live music performers and other entertainers, particularly if unmasked or playing a wind instrument, must be separated from attendees by either 12 feet or an appropriate physical barrier.

Furthermore, participants may dance with members of their same party in designated and clearly marked areas that allow for appropriate social distancing between members of different parties and any tables. They must wear face coverings while in the dancing area.

As for the food, state guidelines say event organizers should consider staggered intervals for food service at staffed buffets to allow attendees to maintain social distance while waiting in line.

All prom type events are subject to inspection by State and local health department to ensure compliance with all provisions of the guidance.


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