Special Olympics Honor Students At Falconer Central School

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FALCONER – Special education students at Falconer Central School got the chance to test their skills during the school’s Special Olympics on Friday.

This year’s countywide program was once again called off due to the pandemic, however individual schools like Falconer were able to hold their own individual celebrations.

Lead by Master of Ceremonies, and Falconer Coach, Scottie James, the event kicked off with a parade welcoming the student athletes.

Director of Special Education for the district, Julie Widen, says without a program like this, students would not be able to partake in athletics.

“Our student may have physical or mental disabilities that may prevent them from competing like on a track team, or things like that,” said Widen. “It is the little accomplishments that are really huge, today a lot of our students have been working on riding a bike, something many may take for granted.”

In total 16 student athletes will partake in a variety of Olympic like events, ranging from sporting events to carnival games. Each student competed in three per-selected events.

Student athlete Mackenzie says she is looking forward to competing, but most of all, having her family look on.

“I am really excited to see my sister Alexis and my parents,” explained Mackenzie.

At the end of the competition, each student was recognized in an award ceremony.

Widen is thankful the community came together to support their event, with several groups like the Falconer Kiwanis Club, Falconer Printing, Falconer Fire Department and Town of Ellicott Police contributing.

She also thanks the school’s faculty, staff, student council and marching band for their help as well.


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