PA Senate Passes Gun Legislation, Gov. Wolf Plans To Veto

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HARRISBURG (WENY) – Late Tuesday evening, the Pennsylvania Senate passed two pieces of gun legislation that Governor Tom Wolf and gun safety advocates say is dangerous for the Commonwealth. 

The two Senate Bills passed just two weeks after Gov. Wolf held a press conference with advocates to address the Republican legislation.

Senate Bill 448 passed with a vote of 31-19.

The legislation would prevent local jurisdictions from imposing ordinances that are more restrictive than laws passed by the General Assembly.

Republicans say local firearm ordinances vary from one jurisdiction to another and that uniform statewide regulations are needed.

Senate Bill 565 passed with a vote of 29-21. The bill would allow Pennsylvanians 18 years and older to carry a loaded, concealed firearm in public without a permit.

During floor debates, Republican Senators argued law-abiding citizens should not need the Government’s permission to exercise their Second Amendment.


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