UPS Store Prepares For Busy Holiday Shipping Season

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ERIE (Erie News Now) – Christmas is in 38 days and some people are already heading to the UPS store to make sure their gifts make it to their destinations in time for the holiday.

Staff are working non-stop at the UP)S Store on Liberty Street in Erie, Pa.

Since he’s starting working there in 2007, Manager Christopher Fanzini has never seen it this busy, “In a normal eight hour shift, I’m probably on my feet for six hours.”

He knows it will get busier, which is why he has tips for those planning on shipping.  “The earlier you ship the better, because you are never upset if it gets there a week before Christmas, but you will be if it gets there after Christmas”, said Fanzini.

Corey Harris, a customer making some returns at the UPS store,  echoed Fanzini’s concerns. Harris said already ordered things that are delayed. “You got to start early, we ordered a living room set about a month ago, it won’t be in until January, so we are trying to time our Christmas gifts and our purchases in a prompt time manner”

Harris is also works part time for the postal service and has seen business picking. He has been delivering packages seven days a week. “Packages are oversized a lot and it’s tough to store in a shipping vehicle, and they re getting bigger, the packages are getting bigger and heavier”, said Harris.”

Before you make your way to the UPS store, officials have a few tips and tricks besides shipping your packages early.

“Any printing requests for calendars, Christmas cards, canvas wrap, anything like that, try to get to us as early as possible”, said Fanzini.

Fanzini said extra preparation now makes for a smoother Christmas season. He also shared that they have a pretty full staff and are training a lot of new people to keep up with the packages.


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