Congressmen Reed Tours CAF USA

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ELMIRA HEIGHTS, NY (WENY) – Congressmen Tom Reed, (R-NY23) was in Elmira Heights on Tuesday, as he promoted investments made to improve New York State’s rail system.

Reed toured the CAF USA facility, and touted how the money from the federal infrastructure bill would not only be a worthwhile investment, but also benefit the local community.

“I was proud one of the 13 to vote for this bill.” Reed said. “And the reason why is what you see here right out these windows. It is the workers, it is the employees who are ultimately benefit from this investment.”

Reed said that his office has been working on some sort of infrastructure bill for the last ten years, and it has been at the top of his legislative priorities. He says that while the bill isn’t perfect, citing that neither side got exactly what they wanted, in the long term, the bill will benefit everyone.

“You got a compromise position. That means its reasonable.” He explained. “And when you see this investment start to roll out, 65 billion dollars already have been given to the states just under the infrastructure bill, the employees benefit. . You’re going to see 200 employees here today, I can see that getting up to 500-600 employees in the very near future.”

Reed said after his tour he was impressed on what he saw being done.

“So what I saw was the best of our workers, the best of the people.” Reed says. “Just talking to the people, you can see the pride that they have. So its a win-win for everyone, and I’m just proud to have voted yes to make sure that we keep promoting the American worker.”

Reed said in his press conference that the investments will go beyond rails and transportation, but for improvement to other necessities in people’s lives.

“With 65 billion dollars already given to the states, we are going to see more and more of these contracts. Not just in rail, but other transportation areas.” Reed explained. “Roads are being built, we went by to the airports, we’ve been at water facilities. So water, sewer, rail, aviation, so all the things that American infrastructure is in need of.”

Parts of the federal infrastructure bill provided funding for mass transit. This includes modernizing and expanding passenger rail service, not only in New York, but across the country.


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