Democratic Senate Candidate Fails To Secure Party Endorsement

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JAMESTOWN – A local candidate running his campaign on “restoring hope” to Western New York hit a major bump in the road last week, with the State and County Democratic Committee deciding to not endorse his effort.

“Their response was, we’re looking for something else. We want something more Democratic. You’re too young, you’re too inexperienced and we don’t feel comfortable endorsing you,” summarized Braiden McElhaney, who is running for New York’s new 58th District Senate seat. 

McElhaney continued that the Democratic Party has no other candidate at this time.

“My argument was that if you were to ask one hundred people in this district, have you ever been elected to office? Have you ever gone to law school? Have you ever run your own business? A majority of them are gonna say no. That is not the type of leadership that people are really looking for,” says McElhaney.

According to the candidate, the Democratic Party wanted him to have more traditional, progressive talking points instead of the moderate approach he took. He also believes the party could use a change in leadership, as its chaotic nature will not allow for positive change.

“I see a committee that’s rebuilding. I see a committee that’s in shambles, and if we can’t get our own stuff together as a party, then we really aren’t gonna see any progress here in this district” explains McElhaney.

In a previous interview with WNY News Now, the democrat explained that he hoped to achieve common sense solutions, regardless of political party, to be the voice of the working class in Albany.

McElhaney had plans to combat population decline and the drug crisis in the area with his fresh perspective. 

Though McElhaney’s race is over, he assures the community that he will remain an active member where he is called on to do so. 

In the meantime, he plans on returning to teaching preschool and pursuing his college degree. 


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