USPS To Slow First-Class Package Delivery

Photo: USPS

WASHINGTON, D.C. – It may take the post office a little longer to deliver your small packages.

Monday the United States Postal Service announced it is updating its first-class delivery standards.

But the service is not getting faster. Instead the USPS will add one to two days on the delivery of nearly a third of its first class small packages.

The Postal Service says the additional days will allow them to have more time to deliver long distance and to increase the efficiency of their network.

They even say a small percentage of customers, about four percent, may see their packages get delivered a day earlier.

The Postal Service also plans to change its priority mail delivery, but this time it is dropping the additional day it added back in 2020.

The slightly faster service will only be for mail delivered over its ground network. The new changes take effect on May 1.


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