FDA: No Evidence Linking Infant Deaths To Abbott Formula

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The FDA is pushing back against a report linking Abbott Nutrition’s baby formula to nine infant deaths.

The news organization “eFood Alert” published a list of more than 128-complaints connected to formula manufactured at Abbott’s facility in Sturgis, Michigan.

The infants who were fed the formula reportedly suffered illnesses, and nine babies died.

But the FDA says there is no scientific evidence linking the deaths to the baby formula the infants were fed.

Officials investigated two of the nine deaths, which prompted the nationwide baby formula recall back in February. The Abbott plant was also shut down as a result.

The agency says even with further testing, they could not definitively attribute those deaths to formula from Abbott.

As for the other seven fatal cases, six of them did not meet the CDC and the FDA’s criteria to trigger an investigation.

The final case involved an infant who tested positive for salmonella, but the state health department could not match the complaint to any salmonella illnesses reported in their state.


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