An Inside Look Jamestown’s New Parking Meter Payment Method

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JAMESTOWN – A new parking meter payment system is now in full effect in the City of Jamestown, with local officials touting an improved ease of access for all. 

The new program officially launched Tuesday, updating and modernizing the already existing parking meters, fitting them with the mobile payment feature.

Those behind the software say this new user-friendly app is just another way to make life easier for citizens in Jamestown.

“Passport partnered with Jamestown for a mobile payment solution for parking. Instead of using the older hardware solution of coin-based meters, the city is now offering a mobile payment solution through our digital platform, so that’s the Passport parking app,” explained Passport’s Senior Marketing Communications Specialist, Julie Starck.

Once downloaded, the user will type the city’s zone and parking space number they are using, then enter their payment information. However, traditional payment options are still in place.

“At every spot you can pay by quarters, you can still pay by cash and there’s some spaces, we’ve upgraded a number of our meters, to include card payment as well. This is good across all our meter types, that’s good because I know so many people don’t carry cash or coins like they used to,” said Executive Assistant to the Mayor, Zach Altschuler.

One of the benefits of this new feature is it not only works with the new meters that the city has been rolling out, but it also works with the traditional meters as well.

“There’s actually going to be decals on the meters themselves, so if a person pulls up to park and they see the meter, they can go ahead and use the traditional payment methods but now they just have an additional option to pay that is a lot easier and more convenient,” said Starck.

Officials say these meters bring benefits to not only the every-day life of residents, but also to the city itself.

“There’s a slight extra fee when using this because obviously the city needs credit card processing, so that will be added on to the fee when you go on and buy it. It’s relatively nominal, I believe it’s 30-something cents. It will be slightly more but we only charge 50 cents per hour here so for a full three hour session, the max time you can book with these meters, it’s only going to be about $1.80,” said Altschuler.

The app communicates with the city’s meter-maids, despite what payment method is used.

“It’s a really exciting addition to the community and our whole vision here for Passport is to create more livable, equitable communities. By offering another way for people to pay for something they do every day, like parking, it’s a great thing to bring. We’re really excited to continue to partner with Jamestown,” said Starck.

The app is free to download on the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store.


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