Celeron Officials Ask For Community Help In Security Playground Grant

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CELORON – Lucky Number 7 is what Village of Celoron officials are saying when it comes to applying for a grant to renovate the play area at the Lucille Ball Memorial Park, but with help from the public, this year things could change.

In an effort to inform the public, municipal leaders like Mayor Scott Schrencengost held a public input meeting Tuesday night saying that public input is the key to success, the meeting however, was attended only by a handful of people. 

“We just need support from the public,“ stated Mayor Schrencengost. “We can take support letters from anybody, even outside this area. I think that makes our application even stronger, that shows that we have multiple people using this other than residents.”   

There are many problems with the current play area, ranging from the age of the structure, to complications that come from water.

“We need a new playground because this one’s 25 years old, it’s been built in a pit, it’s full of water every spring, nobody can enjoy it,“ explained Mayor Schrencengost. “We have such a large usage of this park all spring, summer, and fall. We just have to have something that’s better for the kids.”

By the end of July, officials will have to submit plans for the play area in tandem with a Consolidated Funding Grant, hoping to receive $150,000 dollars from the State.

“We’re going to apply for about $150,000 dollars,“ stated Mayor Schrencengost. “It’s a 75/25, so the village will have to pick up 25 percent.” 

The grant will only pay for the play structure itself, this does not include removal of the current playground, shrubbery, trees, and other amenities added to the area.

“Along with the playground, the village will have to put in some benches, we’ll have sidewalks, it will all be handicaped accessible,“ explained Mayor Schrencengost. “That’s one thing that we don’t have now, that playground does not help the handicaped whatsoever.”  

Anyone can help the village by signing a petition supporting the project or to send a letter of support to the Village of Celoron, PO Box 577, Celoron, NY 14720-0577 by July 25th.


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