Police Shine Light On Unsolved Missing Person Case 

SILVER CREEK – The newly formed Unsolved Crimes Unit in Chautauqua County is shining a light on a longtime missing persons case in Silver Creek that dates back to 1976. 

On March 8th, 1976, 22 year-old Judith Threlkeld of Silver Creek was reported missing to the Silver Creek Police Department. 

Threlkeld was last seen walking home on Central Avenue after departing the Anderson-Lee Library when she disappeared. 

She was last seen carrying a brown purse wearing blue jeans, a khaki shirt, blue sweater, navy blue suede coat, and snow boots.

The Silver Creek Police Department investigated Threlkeld’s disappearance for several years, but was unable to locate her. Threlkeld has not been seen in 46-years. 

Last month, the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office Unsolved Crimes Unit received information from a citizen about the Threlkeld case while investigating an unrelated homicide case.

As a result, the unit is asking anyone in the community who may have information, or discovers new information on this case, to come forward and contact either Investigator Tom Tarpley at (716) 753-4578 or Investigator Tom DiZinno at (716) 753-4579.


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