Frewsburg’s First Church Recognized For Historical Significance

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FREWSBURG – The first church in Frewsburg is being recognized for its historical significance in the rural community.

The designation was presented to the building’s current owners, The Relief Zone, recognizing the historical significance of the building itself and the organization’s work to maintain the facility.

“Back in 1843 a group of people got together to form a group to build the church. In 1844 the church was built and this here is the original church,” explained the President of Carroll Historical Society, Harold Bennett.

The church itself has been around for over 100 years, and the history that is attached to it stems from one of our County Legislators: John Davis’ grandfather, a pastor there. 

“Fast forward to the 1980s, at that time my dad was a pastor here for a number of years,” said Davis, “We grew up and kind of developed some roots here at this location. I remember as a child, the bell that was up in the steeple, we would swing on the rope and ring the bell to notify people in the town that it was time for church.”

 Today, this building is home to The Relief Zone, working to keep kids safe and off the streets.

“TRZ is a community center for the youth. They hold afterschool programs, summer programs where the kids come when their parents are working. It’s kind of like a daycare center for kids Kindergarten through 6,” said Bennett.

The sign was unveiled right outside what was once the main doors of the congregation. 

“We’re here today to honor two things. We’re here to honor and recognize this building as the first church of Frewsburg, and to honor TRZ for what they’ve done and the upkeep of this building and keeping a part of our town history going,” Bennett said. 

The building is an important part of the burg’s history, and many are happy to see it be repurposed. 

“We’ve got a lot of history here. This building is something that has been important to the people of Frewsburg, the people of this community since 1844,” Davis said. 

The Town of Carroll Historical Society is responsible for erecting the signage. This is not the first designation the group has rolled out. Last fall they recognized “The Frew Home” and “Happy Face Barn” two staples of the community.


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