Swings, Rockers Recalled After Baby Dies

Image by US CPSC.

NEW YORK – Over two million baby rockers are being recalled.

The rockers involved are Mama-Roo swings and Rock-A-Roo rockers, both sold under the brand name “Four-Moms.”

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is behind the recall. The issue is they have restraint straps that can hang down when not in use.

Children who are able to crawl can get entangled in those straps if they crawl under the rocker.

One ten-month-old has died from such an incident, and another sustained bruising around his neck.

Anyone who owns one of the impacted products can get a free strap fastener to keep the restraints away from crawling children.

The consumer product safety commission has instructions on its website to identify rockers involved in the recall.


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