Stores are Selling Out of Running Safety Gear Following the Death of Jogger Eliza Fletcher

Memphis Police Department / MGN

ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) – Tragic stories like Eliza Fletcher’s are just another grim reminder for runners, walkers or anyone getting their outdoor workout in the importance of being aware of your surroundings.

Authorities have said Fletcher, 34, was jogging around 4 a.m. last Friday when a man approached her and forced her into an SUV after a brief struggle. Fletcher was reported missing when she did not return home.

There are now tools out there made specifically to help runners feel more secure while running.

Things like light up vests to make runners more visible, hand held alarms to cause a commotion and a common item pepper spray.

While running with a buddy is always a safe option too, sometimes it’s not always possible.

That’s why Gene Britten from Achilles Running Shop in the West Erie plaza recommends running prepared.

He says in just the past couple days they’ve seen an influx of customers coming in to buy running safety gear. The store has even sold out of a few items.


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