Historic Hotel Recognized

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BEMUS POINT, NY (WNY News Now) – A historic hotel is receiving recognition for their over 100 years of operation in the Bemus Point community. 

Operating for 142 years, Hotel Lenhart is known for its rustic aesthetic, allowing guests to live in a past era. Enriching the history of Chautauqua County, according to Assemblyman Andy Goodell.

“We have a rich history in our county,“ explained Assemblyman Goodell. “And of course part of that history is Hotel Lenhart,which has been here since 1881. So this historic designation then goes on to a permanent database, maintained by the Office of Parks and Historic Preservation.”

The history imbued within the walls is apparent to the assemblyman, who has family that frequents the spot. 

“Anyone in the county can enjoy the Hotel Lenhart, and almost everyone has at one time or another,“ said Assemblyman Goodell. “Sitting on the front porch on a rocking chair in a warm summer breeze, enjoying a refreshing drink, it’s just a slice of heaven.”    

Hotel Lenhart is currently in the process of being sold to a different family. While planning to improve amenities, the new owners are not expected to change the old feel.

“The new developer wants to upgrade some of the rooms,“ explained Assemblyman Goodell. “Add heat, and air conditioning, this was just a summer hotel in the past, and I think it’ll be good. Put some investment in and upgrade a little bit, but I am confident they will maintain the historic character of the building and of course this beautiful porch.”   

Only a few businesses in Chautauqua County have ever received the nomination for the Historic Business Registry; this year a total of three local locations have been recognized.

“We’ve also this year nominated Neckers in Clymer, and Fancher Chair in Falconer,“ stated Assemblyman Goodell. “So three great businesses here in Chautauqua County.”

In addition to receiving an award and sticker showcasing the historical significance, Hotel Lenhart will be named in a permanent database for anyone wishing to learn about its rich history locally.


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