New S.R.O. Hopes To Ease Anxiety, Improve School Safety In Jamestown

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – In an effort to ease anxiety and keep the school safe, Jamestown Public Schools has brought on a new School Resource Officer.

While the officer officially took the job earlier this school year, the importance of having a police presence on campus rose to the forefront last week when a local mother spoke out about her son’s continued bullying at Jamestown High School. 

“It’s important to make a note about what an S.R.O is. An S.R.O as opposed to an officer that is assigned to the school, is a specially trained police officer, so they not only have to be a police officer, but they have to be a person that has gone to the specialized training,” said Jamestown Schools Superintendent Dr. Kevin Whitaker.

This training makes the S.R.O much more than a regular police officer.

“The Triad model really has three prongs, of course a police officer in school is a police officer, but it also teaches them how to be a teacher, and how to be a counselor, and how to be someone that can build relationships,” explained Whitaker.

School Resource Officer Alexis Carlson has offered her services in schools before, and tells us she is glad to be back.

“Being able to get back into the schools, I can try to be a good resource for these kids, let them know that I’m there,” said Carlson.

Officer Carlson is hoping to inspire children, just as she was inspired before.

“I had some great role models and I’d like to say that that’s probably a good reason that I ended up in law enforcement too, so if that can leave a lasting impression on some kids and lead them into a good career, that’s great too,” Carlson explained.

Carlson understands that some kids may not have had a great experience with police before.

“Of course I’ve heard a couple times, this person might not like police or they’ve had a bad experience, and I make a point to just introduce myself, let them know the reason that I’m there, that they can come and talk to us about anything,” Carlson said.

In the end, the officer hopes to lend a helping hand and listening ear for area students.

“With communication through all of these different resources, it’s been going great so far and we just hope to continue that good path,” said Carlson.


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