NY Health Leaders Monitoring “Triple Threat” Of RSV, Flu, Coronavirus

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NEW YORK, NY (WNY News Now) – Health leaders in New York State ae working around the clock to make sure there is enough hospital space for children this winter.

This year a combine “triple threat” of RSV, flu, and coronavirus is already stressing the medical system.

New York State Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett, who spoke during a public health briefing there are simple things we should all remember to stay healthy.

“I want to remind people how important handwashing is, how important it is to cover your cough or your sneeze,” said Bassett. “We need people to be sure to stay home when you’re sick. There is a reason that people have sick leave, and you should stay home.”

Over the next few weeks, health officials across the state will check their bed capacity and their stockpile of ventilators. As of now, most are in good supply.

Furthermore, there is also enough COVID-19 vaccines and boosters for New Yorkers.


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