Jamestown “Drug House” Tabbed By Locals, Bail Reform Blamed

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – A Jamestown resident is expressing concerns about a “drug house” on the city’s southside, with local leaders blaming bail reform for the never ending illicit activity.

On December 7, police arrested ten individuals following a drug raid at 15 West Cowden Place in Jamestown.

Investigators also located nearly 70 grams of fentanyl, three grams of methamphetamine, $1,140 dollars in cash, scales, and packing materials within the residence.

Since the raid, a Jamestown resident, that lives on Cowden Place, has come forward to City Council asking why those accused are still at “drug house”.

“The drug traffickers were released with a court appearance ticket,” explained the Jamestown resident. “I’m unsure if there was not room in the jail, or if they were released onto the belief that the crime was non-violent. There continues to be a lot of foot traffic in and out of that house after the arrest, this disrupts our neighborhood.”   

In a response, Councilman Jeff Russel, a former Jamestown Police officer, blames New York State’s bail reform for the individuals being back on the street.

“As far as the individuals being released on those drug charges, it’s very frustrating for the police department,“ stated Councilman Russell. “The chief can speak to you afterwards, but that would be related to the New York State bail reform. So, unfortunately there’s people that are being arrested on serious charges and continue to be released back into our communities.”        

The initial drug search, police say, was part of a larger operation that raided three properties leading to the arrest of 19 individuals across the region.

Furthermore, police also recovered a record amount of fentanyl pills just before the search warrants were executed during a traffic stop. So far, the only criminal charges placed are in connection with the arrest on North Main Street.


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