CDC Identifies Possible Safety Issue With Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine

Madeline Herzog / U.S. Air Force

ATLANTA, GA (Newsource) — The CDC says there could be a safety issue with Pfizer’s updated bivalent COVID-19 vaccine. 

The announcement reveals a possible increase in a certain type of stroke in people 65 and older who recently received one of the updated boosters. 

This potential risk was detected using a monitoring system called the vaccine safety datalink. 

Analysis shows seniors might be more likely to have these kinds of strokes within the first three weeks after the shot compared with weeks four through six. 

But the CDC says when looking at all data, from other large collections of medical records, it’s very unlikely that the signal received from the vaccine safety datalink is a true clinical risk. 

It also continues to recommend people stay up-to-date with their COVID vaccinations. 


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