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A controversial sculpture called “Seagull Cinderella” has returned to New Bedford, Massachusetts with some modifications, she’s no longer topless.

The statue called Seagull Cinderella once again sits along route 18 in New Bedford.

Standing loud and proud for cars and pedestrians that go by.

The artist Donna Dodson first loaned the sculpture to the city back in 2016.

And she meant for the seagull shaped figure to represent female empowerment while also playing into the city’s rich history on the water.

“It’s just the simple idea of, you know, what, what, you know, animal or bird would Cinderella be, you know,” explained Donna Dodson, Sculptor. “and thinking of again this sort of common seagull, so it’s basically a seagull’s head on a woman’s body.”

She displayed her work for a while in New Bedford before moving it back to her hometown of Maynard where she said residents loved the piece.

“A lot of people say it makes them smile, makes them laugh.”

But some New Bedford residents don’t find the sculpture funny.

For the second time, a petition has circulated online to have it removed because some residents believe it’s too risqué even though more clothes were added this time around.

“So this year she has the full like Daisy bikini like the full skirt.”

Donna says the city has her back and asks her to keep the statue up for the time being.

She hopes that those passing by will think of the sculpture’s true meaning next time around which is one of empowerment and philanthropy.

“We made another, you know, donation to an organization in our community that serves women who are experiencing breast cancer. And so it really, it really went full circle.”

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