Man Pleads Guilty to Third-Degree Murder and Corpse Abuse

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HARRISBURG, PA (WNY News Now) – A 30 year old man has admitted his guilt in the third-degree murder of Tyler Matthai last year, coupled with the heinous act of burning the victim’s body.

Derek Louk, 30, of Bedford County has admitted his guilt during his appearance in Bedford County Court on Thursday, where he formally entered his guilty plea. The plea also encompassed his acknowledgment of abusing a corpse in connection with the crime

The plea bargain conditions dictate that Louk will face a prison term of 15 to 30 years, aligning with the severity of the crime. The presiding judge for the case, Bedford County Judge Travis B. Livengood, accepted the plea and is scheduled to pronounce the final sentence on September 22.

The disturbing incident, which occurred on April 26, 2022, involved Louk shooting Matthai, followed by a conspiracy with two accomplices to incinerate the victim’s body as an attempt to cover up the gruesome act. Louk has remained in custody since his apprehension.

Attorney General Henry expressed, “The defendant not only pulled the trigger, he then conspired to conceal his horrific crimes by destroying the evidence — the victim’s body.” She further stated, “With this plea, he is accepting responsibility for such senseless acts of violence and disregard for human life.”

Notably, Courtney S. Boden and Jordon Robertson, who were implicated in aiding the burning of the body and subsequent cover-up, have previously entered guilty pleas as well. Boden received a sentence of 2¼ to 12 years in prison, while Robertson’s sentencing is pending following his guilty plea.

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