Heavy Rainfall Cause Flash Flooding in NYC

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(WNY News Now) – New York City experienced an extraordinary deluge as over seven inches of rain drenched Brooklyn, with Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx also facing significant downpours between Thursday and Friday. Flash flood warnings continued to pose risks, prompting Governor Kathy Hochul to urge residents to exercise extreme caution while commuting.

NYC – Governor Hochul issued a warning to New Yorkers, emphasizing the ongoing threat posed by relentless rainfall in the region. Parts of New York City, Long Island, and the Hudson Valley remained under a Flash Flood Warning on Friday, signifying imminent dangers related to fast-moving waters, which jeopardized lives and safety.

“Today Mother Nature has shown us unprecedented rainfall in a matter of just 24 hours, with more than seven inches of rain in parts of Brooklyn and six inches of rain for other parts of New York City,” Governor Hochul said. “Our focus now is ensuring everyone gets home safe tonight and uses extreme caution when commuting this evening, as more rain is on the way.”

Governor Hochul, along with MTA CEO Janno Lieber, announced the resumption of limited Metro-North Railroad services, offering relief to commuters. Nevertheless, the governor urged New Yorkers to prioritize safety during their Friday evening commutes and ensured the safe return of school children who had used buses or subways.

Safety Reminder for all citizens: In flooding situations it is crucial to adhere to Flash Flooding Safety Tips, including avoiding flooded roads, immediately abandoning vehicles if water rises rapidly, and respecting the power of fast-moving water.

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