Officers Released After Not Guilty Plea

Aaron Torgalski (left) and Robert McCabe (right).

BUFFALO – Two Buffalo Police officers plead not guilty to second-degree assault after allegedly shoving a 75-year-old man to the ground during a protest this week.

A crowd of fellow police officers and supporters cheered outside the courthouse Saturday as Robert McCabe and Aaron Torgalski walked out.

Both were suspended after video surfaced of them shoving the man to the ground, causing his head to bleed. The incident happened after curfew during a Black Lives Matter protest outside city hall.

While some have called for the police officers to be fired, McCabe and Torgalski remain suspended without pay. Both face a felony hearing July 20, due to the age of the man. They were released without bond.

New York Governor Cuomo said he was sick to his stomach when he saw the incident on video.

Over 50 officers resigned from the emergency response team on Friday.

Buffalo’s Mayor Byron Brown said that’s because they felt pressured by the police union.



  1. This Goes to Show you How Corrupt, The Buffalo Police are & The People as well to Support someone who Shoved an elderly Man to the Ground..
    I understand that the safety of the response team ,but c,mon..Use Some Common sense here ! What Damage Could he have Done to this Man! It’ Went VIRAL..they Will make an Example! Sorry !

  2. Is this the entire video?? I heard that there was more prior to what we have seen that includes the man defying what he was told to do. Doesn’t make it right that he was pushed to the ground but if there is more video, let’s see it.

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