Borrello Pushes To Suspend NY’s Gas Tax

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ALBANY – State Senator George Borrello is pushing to suspend all gas related taxes in New York as a way to help provide an immediate relief for drivers struggling with prices at the pump.

A bill to cut a small portion of the gas tax was proposed in Albany, however Borrello says he is unsure if his colleagues would take up his call to suspend the full amount, in what’s known as a Gas Holiday.

It’s not the only push underway, a similar proposal would hand out $250 dollar rebate checks to drivers, something Borrello says is a “ridiculous” idea.

He tells us that would “waste” money on a program that would be “rot with fraud”, handing out money to anyone with a registered vehicle.

“The quickest best way to do this to provide immediate relief is to suspend all the state and local taxes on gasoline, which is about 48 cents a gallon in New York State,” Borrello told WNY News Now. “I think that it is important that New York State also feel that pain financially, the loss of that revenue, because we have a horribly irresponsible energy policy here in New York State, and that is why New York State is one of the most expensive places to buy gasoline to begin with.”

As of Monday morning, AAA reports New York State’s average price for a gallon of gas is $4.29, with Chautauqua County’s average price clocking in at $4.23 a gallon.


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